NL Interview: Tek Fog exposé writers on BJP IT cell and what goes behind automated trolling

Their report in the Wire brought focus on a well-oiled network built around an app for cyberbullying.

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NL Interview: Tek Fog exposé writers on BJP IT cell and what goes behind automated trolling
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Intelligence analyst Ayushman Kaul and data analyst Devesh Kumar recently carried out an investigation for the Wire into an application called Tek Fog, which was used to hijack online trends and automate trolling on social media and messaging platforms.

In this conversation with Meghnad S, they discuss their investigative stories exposing the BJP IT cell’s network. They also detail what goes behind automated trolling and manipulation of social media trends, WhatsApp accounts and URLs.



Tek Fog: An App With BJP Footprints for Cyber Troops to Automate Hate, Manipulate Trends

Tek Fog: Morphing URLs to Make Real News Fake, 'Hijacking' WhatsApp to Drive BJP Propaganda

Tek Fog in Action: Targeting Women Journalists, Pushing Communal Narrative on COVID, Delhi Violence

The Wire’s TekFog investigation: A futile search for evidence

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