Je suis Mr McAdams: Rahul Shivshankar scolds the wrong panelist before realising his mistake

On Times Now last night, he thought Bohdan Nahaylo was Daniel McAdams.

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Rahul Shivshankar's debate on Times Now last night was marked by lots of finger-wagging, shouting, berating and, sadly, a case of mistaken identity.

To discuss #UkraineLastStand, Shivshankar's guests included Daniel McAdams, executive director of the Ron Paul Institute, and Bohdan Nahaylo, chief editor of Kyiv Post.

It's difficult to put into mere words what transpired, but we shall try.

At one point, Shivshankar instructed McAdams to "take a chill pill" and then went on a tirade for one and a half minutes to explain that if "Mr McAdams" was "so concerned about Ukraine", he should "get off the fence and put boots on the ground" instead of "lecturing us in India". RSS pulled no punches; his rant against "Mr McAdams" included "colonial agendas", Iraq and Afghanistan.

McAdams cut in at this point.

"Dear host, I have not said a word yet. I don't know why you're yelling at me," McAdams said.

RSS said, "I'm not yelling at you. I'm talking about Mr McAdams."

"I am Mr McAdams!" McAdams shouted.

But we feel for RSS. It's not even been two years since he stumbled his way through a fake WhatsApp forward, believing it to be a list of Chinese soldiers killed.

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