Ye Bhi Theek Hai, Ep 5: What’s the problem with cancel culture?

Ye Bhi Theek Hai, Ep 5: What’s the problem with cancel culture?

Kunal Kamra and Sanjay Rajoura let loose.

ByNL Team
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Has cancel culture gone too far? Who is doing the canceling and who is getting cancelled? How and why has it become so pervasive? What does the generational gap have to do with how cancel culture is perceived, and practised? Is it not possible to have accountability without cancel culture?

Being as they are comedians who have had to deal with their share of public outrage, trolling and cancellations, actual or attempted, Kunal Kamra and Sanjay Rajaura have very personal takes on the subject. The millennial and boomer duo share plenty of gripes about Gen Z, who they believe are spearheading this culture. Referring to woke young men and women who haven’t lived life beyond the classroom, Kunal says, “They think dead books have more value than life experiences.”

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