TV Newsance 187: The Hindu-Muslim playbook exposed

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ByNL Team
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This week, Anil Yadav, a former News Nation reporter in Lucknow exposed the inner workings of TV news channels, explaining how many of them function as the propaganda arm for Narendra Modi and Yogi Adityanath, attack the opposition and spare the BJP, and actively demonise Muslims. We review the coverage of prime minister Modi’s participation in the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation summit in Samarkand, of the violence in Bengal during a BJP protest rally, and of Uttar Pradesh chief minister Adityanath’s madrasa survey – and see how each of these news events was fitted to suit the agenda exposed by Yadav.

News Nation and Aaj Tak did not spare even children, their reporters thrusting microphones into the faces of young madrasa students and demanding that they answer general knowledge questions or sing the national anthem.

Meanwhile, hatemonger "Sadhvi" Prachi continues to get airtime on primetime TV news.


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