Hafta letters: Gujarat election, science desk, nuclear energy

NL subscribers get back with bouquets and brickbats!

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1) Did voter turnout matter at all in the Gujarat election? Like in the US, while Trump got a lot more votes in 2020 than in 2016, he lost because of a higher voter turnout benefiting the Democrats. Did that matter at all? Were AAP voters a new set of voters who weren't voting before?

2) With Meghnad leaving, there is a real gap in your offerings with no recent explainer-style videos. I hope something can be done about it.

3) I really like the format TLDR, a UK-based YouTube channel, uses to summarise key issues (this video, for instance). At the risk of plagiarism, maybe something Newslaundry can adapt to the Indian scene.

Love listening to Hafta. Missing Newsance! Also, your reporting seems to have increased. (Or maybe I am just reading more of them.) Really enjoying that too. 

Himanshu Modi


Hello NL team. This is Bala from Portland. Was delighted to hear about the restarting of your science desk. In this context, the growing significance of semiconductor technology and chip industry in today’s geopolitics remains under-covered by the Indian media. Competitive dominance in this sphere is the subtext of a lot of the current US/Taiwan/China trade wars, while simultaneously opening up a great entry point to a skilled-labor-rich country like India which remains under-exploited. If you’re willing to cover this, would love to contribute, given my extensive background in this field.

Manisha's coverage in Gujarat was very insightful. Miss Madhu, please have her back on Hafta sometime. Keep up the great work! My Christmas gift to all my desi friends this time around is going to be an NL subscription!



Hello Obhinondon (since you love Bong accent) and NL team. You guys are doing a fabulous job.

Little comment on Obhi's "Let rich country do it first" climate change theory. Pakistan suffered from massive floods which almost drowned the whole country and ranks 158th out of 184 countries in CO2 emission. But that did not stop the floods. Nature knows no boundary and it will hit the rich and poor countries simultaneously. In fact, poor countries will suffer much more than the rich countries. According to an investment-focused report in World Bank, India will suffer immense heatwaves by 2030. Nonetheless, I suggest everyone read How The World Really Works.

Hope you guys also discuss the Twitter files and bring someone who can comment on what the situation looks like when billionaire industrialists enter politics.

I also hope that you guys make loads of money and give the podcast RSS links to everyone who pay for annual subscription.

Cheers to you guys, keep up the good work.



Dear NL team

Thank you for the work you do, and for being a nourishing and positive part of my life. As exhorted, I tried to urge several friends and colleagues to subscribe, I don't think I succeeded. But i never miss an opportunity to plug NL and how important it is that people subscribe and keep themselves informed. 

Last week on Hafta, there was some discussion on having a conversation around the protests in Iran. I want to suggest a song you can use for the episode, it is gut-wrenchingly beautiful. Here is the link.

Someone forwarded this video to me, am unable to find it on YouTube (Jude, do your magic) so am sending it as an attachment. It elevates the song to a totally different plane.

Love and solidarity,




Last two or three episodes, the panel discussed nuclear as clean energy. Apart from the fact that it can create massive havoc in case of radioactive leaks, it's important to remember that the functioning of atomic bodies is most opaque across the world. Lots of lives are lost during regular maintenance but as these workers belong to socially and economically underprivileged society, their families are shut off after paying meagre compensations. Jayashree was correct about it being too expensive. It is the reason behind France and Germany shutting nuclear plants in their own country and purchasing power from nuclear plants in African countries.

Also, the people and animals living in the vicinity of nuclear power plants face DNA mutations in next generation. 




I have been a Newslaundry subscriber for a long time now. This is an appreciation mail regarding Gujarat election.

1) Government-job seeking youths: In one of the election shows, you folks spoke to students in campus. One of the surprising and personally very disappointing things for me to see among the youths was their attitude towards seeking government jobs. Instead of skilling up, doing some certification/postgraduation, and trying for a private sector job, youths in 2022 are still seeking a safe haven in government jobs. Don't these youths know that government jobs are few and far in between and most of them are just backfills?

This is a trend I have observed in other states like Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand as well during election coverage, where youths seem to harp on the government to provide jobs. Those days are long gone. They need to skill up. What is the panel's take on this trend?

2) I really liked the Gujarat election episodes, especially the last one where all of them gave their insight into the Gujju mindset, their food, and the hard-working nature of Gujaratis. I also agree with their conclusion that the AAP and BJP's marketing of their work is grossly exaggerated.

3) Atul's review of BJP is always one-note. He doesnt seem to find anything good they have done. Manisha tries to keep it fair by bringing in pros/other side of story, like she covered the Statue of Unity story with all its positives and negatives.

Keep up the good job. Please keep doing the election reporting. Thanks.




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