Hafta letters: Past NL content, questions on NL Sena, Abhinandan’s critics

NL subscribers get back with bouquets and brickbats!

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Hi NL team,

Just a quick thought. You do not have to read this email on Hafta. 

I think that you could provide links and teasers to your old video content on TV newsance with a Blast From The Past section citing NL productions from five or 10 years ago. Your old shows were brilliant; it was Clothesline, Dhobi Ghat and Madhu's interviews that brought me to NL. All the best.




Since you are giving podcast invites to your "hater subscribers", here is my "hate" – you tend to make judgements based on fantasy and fiction, not reality, whether it's due due to nuclear vs coal (you imagine scenes from a TV show) or the failure of socialism after the US's WW2 win (you imagine Cuba without the US) – by the way, WW2 was won by USSR too. Also, Norway and other socialist heavens exclude people like you because these systems are inherently unsustainable and would not survive US-like openness. Just see the DW report on the failure of German healthcare and the Economist's coverage of NHS.

What's Jayashree's view on the difference between North and South Korea? What is the geographical and historical difference between them and their economic systems?

Love Newslaundry since its inception. Any plans to save Newslaundry from falling victim to O'Sullivan's law?



Hi Hafta team,

This is a support email for Abhinandan's critique of his critics in an earlier Hafta. I think Abhinandan made a very valid point about how even liberals get up in arms when a white man is critiqued and how it exposes a very internalised sense of inferiority that many Indians suffer from. I see this across the ideological spectrum in regular Indians (though I think young teens are changing) and while they have no qualms in bringing down one of their home, they will push back if a brown man critiques anybody who is a western white man.

Abhinandan, thank you for not falling into these stereotypes and treating Babones as just another human and not putting him on a pedestal. Those critiquing you should go take a hike. Much love to #TeamAbhinandan!

Ankur Sen



Comments on the last episode – It is our right to laugh about/make fun of the Amritkal message from the PM, I however could not find anything wrong with the message. As a nation, if we are to grow rich before we grow old, next 25 years are going to be crucial indeed. Of course, by the current trajectory, we would be old before we get rich.

Another thought is on the question of immigrants, discussed in passing in the last episode. All the empathy we have for immigrants is only till they are beyond our line of sight. Living in Bihar, if the immigrants are settling in Assam, I am okay voicing my concern for their welfare, but the moment they start settling around my house, my views might change. It does sound very crude/hypocritical, but that seems to be the state of things for many including myself.



Would it be possible for you to do tie up with some news outlets in Tripura for the assembly election? Political violence happens (which has increased after 2018) right in front of everyone and is not covered by the Delhi media. Would be happy to suggest credible news outlets.



Hello team,

Have been following your podcast regularly. Gives a weekly rundown and some perspective of key news events. Abhi, your interview of Salivatory Baboon was cringe and I think you need to up your game. Great to have Raman Sir on the panel (most of the times brings in perspectives and experience which are quite different). Manisha lost all her goodwill when she said she doesn't like some movie or series (forgot the name).

I wrote to make a suggestion on the NL Sena projects. For the money raised, is it possible to open your portal in some subsidised way for people? For example, if I pay Rs 7,500 for a Sena project, I would rather buy a membership worth Rs 7,500 for students/other freelancers. That way, you hit two birds with one stone.

Having said that, I would like to contribute Rs 7,500 to the Joshimath Sena project in the form of student memberships.



The timing of the release of the BBC series India: The Modi Question probably helps Modi on the 2024 election! What is Newslaundry's take on the timing? Who all hope to benefit?



All things considered, about the fight between LG and Arvind, who in their right mind wants to send people to Finland in the middle of an Eastern European winter? I checked the weather in Helsinki while listening to the podcast; it was -12 C at the time. I am glad LG delayed this one for all the wrong reasons. :-D

Anuni Nonymous


As someone living in Doha, I felt that much of the criticism falling on Qatar was motivated and contrary to the positive vibe and spirit (non-alcoholic) ;) experienced by many here. That doesn't imply that all of the criticism was uncalled for but in the case of Qatar, they were grossly exaggerated-– not so much because of the alleged treatment meted out to the blue-collar workers but just because Qatar stood its foot down on some of the issues relating to LGBTQ and the usage of alcohol in stadiums. Trust me that the latter decision only made sure that people had lot more fun with much less nuisance to deal with. Looking at FIFA '22 through the lens of LGBTQ is a disservice to sports and is a topic for another discussion. The prejudiced coverage was at least highlighted here and here.

 Views on Qatar being a very conservative country can easily change if you would drop a visit here.

Muhammed Ibraheem Qurram


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