‘Hit job, China funding’: Inside the pro-Adani campaign to undo Hindenburg damage

A sprawling campaign has been propped by the right-wing ecosystem and BJP supporters.

WrittenBy:Shweta Desai& Kunal Purohit
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On February 4, a Hyderabad-based “pro-nationalist” influencer account called String Reveals uploaded a video on Twitter and YouTube, to expose US-based short seller Hindenburg’s “hit job” against the Adani Group and “satisfy all dogs (intellectuals) barking at Adani”. 

Just days ago, Hindenburg Research had released an explosive investigation accusing Gautam Adani, then the world’s third richest man, of pulling the “largest con in corporate history”. In an over 400-page response, the Adani Group rebuffed the allegations of stock manipulation and fraud as a lie. 

In the 9-minute video, String’s founder and anchor Vinodh Kumar repeatedly blasted the consultancy firm and its owner Nathan Anderson for brazenly “targeting” to pull down the multi-billionaire industrialist, as it “cannot digest an Indian topping the list of world’s richest people”. He then implored viewers with folded hands to “trend #IStandWithAdani and #HindenburgFraud” on Twitter and made a final declaration, “Adani is not sinking”. The video garnered over 1,04,000 views on Twitter and 34,000 on YouTube.

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