NL Baithak: New format, collaborations, expansion, and video push

NL Baithak: New format, collaborations, expansion, and video push

What Gamechanger subscribers told us on March 15.

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Ever so often at Newslaundry, we try to switch things around: we hear from our subscribers instead of the other way around. After all, we are powered by our subscribers, whose support allows us to pursue honest, independent journalism, and tell the stories that must be told.

NL Baithak is one of the tools we use to this end: a quarterly session for Gamechanger subscribers to ask us about our work and our views on various issues, to tell us what they like, or don’t, and give feedback.

The latest NL Baithak session on March 15 saw the Newslaundry team heads field a wide range of questions. The format was tweaked this time with the team giving an update on the highlights of the past three months and laying out the roadmap for the next quarter at the beginning of the event. 

Abhinandan spoke about exciting collaborations in the pipeline, including with a prominent media organisation. Chitranshu, meanwhile, gave subscribers in South India something to look forward to with potential events tailor-made for audiences down south. He also talked about technical changes planned for the website and app to give users an enhanced experience ahead of the 2024 elections. On Newslaundry’s attempt to prioritise video content, Manisha clarified that it won’t come at the expense of podcasts.

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