Awful and Awesome Ep 297: Babylon, Beef, Jubilee

The pop culture podcast that isn’t afraid to pop the bubble.

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While discussing Anni: The Honeymoon Murder:

Rajyasree: It’s definitely one of the better true crime shows out there because there’s no dramatisation or conjecture on what could’ve been. It’s very factual.

Nainika: I have to ask. Did you think he killed her?

Rajyasree: I’m 100 percent sure he killed her. But I’m 100 percent sure everyone has killed everyone (they laugh).

Rajyasree: But if he did not kill her, poor thing, his life seems very chequered for…like why did he marry her anyway?

This and a whole lot of stuff awful and awesome as Rajyasree Sen and Nainika Rathore review the series Jubilee, Beef, Anni: The Honeymoon Murder; the movie Babylon and the Barbie trailer.

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