Hafta letters: Believers of God, influencers and supreme leader

NL subscribers get back with bouquets and brickbats!

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My few feedback related to the discussions around the time of letters reading:

- An educated person can be a part of a religion for their identity crisis, but someone who believes in God is not educated enough. And most of these people will die uneducated if they are already in their mid-age

- Hindutva (RSS) is a danger in India right now, but without the past violence of Islamic believers, they could have never gotten into the mainstream

- Muslims openly demand Sharia in all developed countries they live in, and slowly there could be a Hindutva-kind pushback against them everywhere in future, by every other religion.



Hi all,

Not a fan of BeerBiceps. I get it when you call out news professionals but influencers!!!!! #newsance218 and a previous Hafta. 

It felt like RG ya AK karenge toh bhai waah, BJP kare toh problem hai bhaiya. Anand Vardhan wrote an article on similar interaction by RG during his Bharat Jodo Yatra in January. 

Now, the point is not about influencers, you seemed to have missed the plot that public money was used. Where is the follow-up story on the government calling influencers for furthering its cause? Where is the ground report on that? 

When Manisha does Newsance - that’s what I love to see. When she says, ‘This was rubbish, but this is how it was supposed to be done.’ Did not see that in the Newsance by Abhinandan or in the Hafta discussions.

Best Regards,

Dhiraj  Krishna Kumar


Hi NL team,

Great work as always. Keep at it. Whenever I make a contribution to a Sena project, I get some perks like a mug or a month’s subscription. Can you please give an option to gift this subscription to someone? Maybe your team can gift it to someone on my behalf, including the merchandise. 



Hello NL team,

I am writing from France, a day after “our dear supreme-leader” was received as a chief guest for Bastille Day and decorated with a légion d'honneur by French president Emmanuel Macron. While Modi was speaking in front of thousands of his cheering fans, we were a small group of people assembled to protest against his presence at this event. The event is supposed to celebrate the French revolution and the declaration of human rights – ideals of which are in complete opposition with those of Modi and his BJP. While there were many journalists present there, it is not at all surprising that we were boycotted by Indian journalists who were busy reporting on Modiji’s monologue with his bhakts. I’m leaving this message in the hope that it will reach more people through you and next time, we won’t be just a dozen but hundreds to raise our voices. 

A proud subscriber of NL and Mediapart from France.



Why are Indians unable to synthesise factual data, analyse multiple cases and scenarios and then derive a conclusion, irrespective of whichever party or religion they support? Why is it that Indians believe in bigoted lies and propaganda, especially the older generation? Why don’t we question the government more often if we were once so called one the greatest civilisations in the world? Why don’t people ask the government to segregate the state from religion?

Dhruv Agnihotri


Hi there, I was listening to an old podcast where you were talking about millets and their promotion. The problem is that the government is paying a paltry amount for cultivation of millets (in Karnataka, it’s Rs 10,000 per hectare) that’s all. No market facilities, no post harvest processing is provided. In most of the schemes of the BJP government (in Karnataka at least), one thing was common, they did monetary transfer, irrespective of whether there was infrastructure or other facilities.

Regarding your discussion on religion in the last Hafta, the problem is we tend to see what people are practising, not what is prescribed in the scriptures. For example, the practice of casteism in Islam or the complete concept of the holy cow (vasha cow) are both not mentioned in the scriptures (Quran and Vedas), but yet they are practised everywhere. 

Lastly, I have heard in many podcasts that Anand is a right-winger. If it’s true, then we need such right-wingers in our society. If Raman sir didn’t have the experience, I believe Anand is the most articulate and knowledgeable. 

Syed Abid 


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