Opposition moves no-confidence motion, DD News says Modi ‘predicted’ it five years ago

Modi had made a speech in 2019 where he suggested an opportunity to move such a motion may arrive in 2023.

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If India’s opposition alliance moves a no-confidence motion, what is the most important thing about it?

According to our public broadcaster, it’s seemingly that five years ago, the prime minister had “predicted” it would happen. 

Let us explain.

The motion was moved today by Congress leader Gaurav Gogoi. For context, since the monsoon session of Parliament began last week, opposition parties have been demanding that the prime minister speak on the Manipur violence. Modi broke his months-long silence on the ongoing ethnic conflict only on July 20, after a video of two Kuki women being paraded naked went viral.

So, the 26-party opposition alliance, which calls itself INDIA, announced yesterday that it would be moving the no-confidence motion against the Modi government. It was front-page news across morning papers.


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Public broadcaster DD News chose a different tactic – to point out how Modi had seen it coming. 

The clip is from Modi’s speech in the Lok Sabha in February 2019, during which he offered his “well wishes” that “in 2023, you get another opportunity to move a no confidence motion”.

“This is a sense of dedication,” he said. “This is a result of arrogance…”

If you’re surprised at the change in DD News’ usually staid tone and timbre, you shouldn’t be. Earlier this month, it broadcast short clips on Muslim citizens supporting Modi’s push for a Uniform Civil Code. Except some of them weren’t ‘common citizens’ at all – they were members of the BJP. Read all about it here.

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