Delhi University polls: Decoding first-time voters’ decisions

For several students, the manifesto was the deciding factor, while some pointed to the use of money and muscle power.

WrittenBy:Ashish Anand
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On the polling day of Delhi University’s student body elections on Friday, thousands of students casted their votes at both the collegiate and central student union levels. Several of these students were first-time voters.

Newslaundry spoke to Delhi University students to understand the factors that decided the students’ votes. For several students, the parties’ manifesto, promises and issues addressed by the candidates were the deciding factors, while some others pointed to the use of money and muscle power.

Aman, a student of Ramjas College, said, “We saw rampant use of money, caste and muscle power in these elections. I come from Bihar…I have witnessed this from my childhood. But I used to think it happens in Bihar because many are not literate there… After coming to Delhi University, I saw the same use of caste and money even here.”



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