Hafta letters: Israel-Palestine media bias, politics in sports, need for South India podcast

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Hey Hafta team, 

With reference to the discussion on the ‘tch’ sound prefixed unknowingly by Jayashree, I would say it is not only a Tamilian trait. I have noticed many Mumbaikars who speak like that. And it’s a tic; something that you do unconsciously and repeatedly. Now for context, many Hindi speaking people will associate the sound with feelings of either exasperation on having to explain something to someone not bright enough or feeling sorry for someone’s situation (when used more than once). So that is why some may find it irritating. Don’t worry Jayashree, you don’t need to change. We all just need to be aware of the context. Great work everyone.

Raghav Shrotriya


It’s ironic that Jayashree is showcasing the same kind of biases that she is accusing Western media of. If you look at the New York Times coverage of the hospital case, it was actually widely condemned by other Western media sources for covering Hamas’ claims at their word, and for playing both-sides after the Israelis and Americans released their statements.

Finally, it is worth remembering that the other side in this case is Hamas, which is a known terrorist organisation. Of course, Israel has spread misinformation, but that shouldn’t lead us to believe Hamas has any credibility to it. While they might not have beheaded children, they did burn them alive.

I suggest reaching out to some (any) Jewish voices, instead of comparing the Indian Left and Right. Yuval Noah Harari’s commentary has been very insightful in the last few days.



Hi Jayashree ,

I was hearing about your thoughts on Chennai being a great sporting venue where they do not mix politics with cricket. I do not blame you, the amount of information and news we consume, it is very difficult to put anything in perspective. 

Let us not forget that the Sri Lankan cricket team has not performed in Tamil Nadu for a very long time. CSK matches had to be shifted out of Chennai because they wouldn’t allow a Sri Lanka player. Bigotry and hate is just a choice of convenience of the conscience. Things are better now because of peace in Sri Lanka. This is not an excuse for people using religious slogans to display bigotry. The geography and history of that particular region sometimes dictates why people react a certain way. I wonder why no religious slogans are used when Afghanistan and Bangladesh play. Humans are complicated. Why they react and how they react is very subjective.



While I agree that what is happening to AAP is almost unfair when it comes to these ministers being put in jail, does the party even have a leg to stand on? Because it does the same thing in Punjab, where it has arrested quite a few opposition leaders. When it comes to putting in the work, AAP’s attempts to reduce stubble burning seem good (for now, as Diwali is yet to come). But if it is doing the same extrajudicial stuff that BJP does, how can it even complain?




I share the same criticism or feedback as KP on your coverage of Andhra as shared in the last episode. Can we have an exclusive weekly podcast just to discuss the South? Perhaps made accessible via the joint subscription? It can be a great platform to also engage with local journalists, activists, scholars, etc. on issues they tend to be more tuned in than a reporter sent from somewhere else. Hope you consider it. Keep up the great work.



It is amusing how Abhinandan says that the Israel-Palestine issue is “complex” and in the same breath trivialises Netanyahu’s actions as a bullied kid who grows up to become a bully himself. Abhinandan should make up his mind. Is Israel’s action a trivial one? If it is so, I have a trivial solution for that kid. The bigger bullies should grab him by his collar, give a couple tight slaps under his ear, and teach him a lesson in humanity. 

If it is really a complex matter, please don’t trivialise Netanyahu’s actions. He is the longest serving prime minister of Israel and that itself speaks volumes about how dangerously manipulative he is. 

On a different note, the Newslaundry app plays whatever was played last time when I click on a new episode. I just tap the new episode again and then it plays the current episode. I don’t get super angry with this issue, but if it gets fixed, I will really appreciate it. I also use an iPhone, just fyi.


Syed Rizvi 


Dear Newslaundry team,

I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for the exceptional support and guidance I received from the NL editorial team, with a special mention to Jayashree. Her invaluable assistance in editing and ultimately publishing my article on Newslaundry was instrumental in making it my first-ever piece to be featured on a prominent news portal. I couldn't be happier with this achievement.

I would like to extend my gratitude to the entire team for their hard work and dedication. Keep up the excellent work!

Noaman Khan


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