Telangana top, MP second: Scanning the surge in wealth of ministers in the fray in 5 poll states

The rise in wealth of a few ministers was more than the combined surge clocked by the Mizoram cabinet.

WrittenBy:Aban Usmani
The distance with a voter grows as the size of the money box a politician is standing on increases.

The 82 ministers who are among hundreds of incumbent MLAs seeking a re-election in five poll-bound states have seen their wealth rise by 35.2 percent, indicate their affidavits. The largest surge in the collective assets of the council of ministers has been in Telangana, with the combined assets of 15 BRS ministers rising by an average of Rs 31 crore, or by around 97 percent. 

BJP-governed Madhya Pradesh followed, with 19 ministers registering an average rise of over Rs 6.2 crore in their wealth, or collectively by 68.4 percent. 

Congress-governed Rajasthan was a close third, with 26 ministers clocking an average rise of over Rs 5 crore in their wealth – or collectively by 34 percent.

In Chhattisgarh, the combined assets have shrunk by average, registering a dip of 1.9 percent, but only due to a 10 percent slide in the Rs 500 crore assets Deputy Chief Minister T S Singh Deo had declared in 2018.

Meanwhile, the surge in wealth clocked by several ministers, individually, was more than the collective increase registered by the Mizoram cabinet.

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