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Hi NL, love your work.

I have a question: what happens to general election when state leaders are made CM? What are your thoughts? I don't think Mama or Raje will do a lot of campaigning for general election. Kudos to Manisha and team for Newsance. Waiting for Roenka Awards episode.



Hello panel, I have been a listener for quite some time now. I would like to share this clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VoTi8JIfAzc

To give context, they stopped Modi's Sankalp Rath citing that it is not him who gives the welfare benefits, it is the office/post of the PM. Moreover, they are asking the involved official why an individual/party is being promoted, when the stated intention of the yatra is to promote awareness about different welfare schemes. Personally, I found it empowering and admirable.

Just wanted to share it with the NL team and audience. 



This is regarding episode 464. I completely agree with Abhinandan's rant about the respect that apparently "elders" deserve, just because they're older.

Additionally, I would like to suggest a discussion on government officers in India, and the power they have. Josy Joseph wrote a book titled The Silent Coup, which talks about abuse of power. Would be interesting to know what the panel thinks of how the changes in law may give more power to officers who, after the selection process, are somehow getting programmed into becoming abusers of power.

I work for the German government, and the difference between benefits (both by the book and outside) I would have had in India in the same position are mind-boggling. The amount of tax money being wasted on making the lives of Indian officers comfortable is incredible. Would be interesting to know what you think, especially Anand and Raman.

Also, great app! All the best for 2024! Greetings to Manisha from Tanya in Berlin!



Hi NL team,

Two things:

1) Let's not call the Parliament smoke bombers as protesters. The words "protest" and "protesters" have some level of respect, because of our law-abiding, peaceful farmers and wrestlers and what they managed to do. We shouldn't be using the same word for this act.

2) What are the root causes of unemployment in India? Let's not reduce the problem into a bunch of statistics, but can we really identify and discuss the root of the problems? I suspect one of the causes is poor quality (higher, university) education in native languages.



It's good that you are planning an episode on Israel-Palestine issue and focussing on subscriber perspective. 

Just a suggestion, try doing this for Hafta and Charcha episodes, where you can tell us the agenda and guest list in advance, so we can write letters or ask one-liner questions to guests.

Keep up the good work.


I apologise for the question but I'm really curious: who is the OpIndia guy bitching about the Hafta podcast?



Hi, this letter is regarding Hafta 464. Your discussion was very good, specially Anand's points and the rest's counterpoints regarding employment issue and people who breached Parliament security.

I would just like to add another point, that is of corruption in government jobs and its appointments. I know for a fact that a district judge's seat and a group D's seat goes for a lot of money. It's an open secret that no one talks about. For any government work, you have to pay corruption money. So in a case where a poor but brilliant student who qualified for everything and passed everything but couldn't pay the corruption money for the job and couldn't get the job – what will Anand say to that person?

Thanks for the good work.

Regarding the upcoming podcast about the Israel and Gaza issue, I think it would be better to have people who have a better knowledge about the issue and have experience there. It would be better than us listeners because in my opinion, we would have less knowledge about the issue and will be biased. At least I would be biased towards one party. So I would like a podcast without any biases and to know the genuine points from an Israeli view. Thanks.



Commenting on the unemployment/aspiration discussion last week. I think the discussion got sidelined to a great extent.

It is clearly very hard to define who is unemployed (because there are no openings in the market) or who is unemployable (do not have the skill set). The number of 45 percent youth unemployment in India should be outrageously shocking to all of us.

However I do understand Anand's reaction to knowing whether a person really wants to be employed elsewhere. It is hard to say it is an aspirational thing when the pull is solely related to a government job. (Disagreeing with Anand) One can be aspirational in general but WANT/demand a government job.

If you add a 'decent' earning job as a factor on top of all this, the discussion becomes even more convoluted.

Disclosure: I am speaking from a position of privilege having a very decent job and I have never understood the pull of a government job altogether.



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