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Pakka Politics Ep 4: Shalin Maria Lawrance on North Chennai, Dalit and Dravidian politics

A podcast in Tamil that breaks down and makes sense of everyday politics.

WrittenBy:NL Team
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This is the fourth episode of Pakka Politics, a podcast by The News Minute to make sense of politics and its socio-cultural impact. From local to national events and global issues, we will focus on everything in the political sphere. As disinformation wreaks havoc around the world, host Shabbir Ahmed will bring in varied voices and opinions of experts, politicians, activists, academics and journalists to delve deep into the heart of issues. 

In this episode, we discuss the surge in atrocities against Dalits and the Dravidian parties’ commitment to protect marginalised communities in Tamil Nadu, in conversation with writer Shalin Maria Lawrence, who has been penning articles on social justice and dalit issues. 

In the recent years, Tamil Nadu has been witness to an increasing number of incidents of atrocities against Dalits. In one of the incidents, faeces were put in a drinking water tank used by members of the Dalit community at Vengavayal in Pudukottai district, WHILE In another incident, students from Scheduled Caste communities were assaulted at Nanguneri in Tirunelveli district. These sent shockwaves across the state, and the DMK government’s response to it was termed “lukewarm” by activists.

We dissect the ideas of social justice and where Dalits fit into Dravidian politics.

Tune in.

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