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Hafta 477: Electoral bonds, seat-sharing for Lok Sabha, Ramnath Goenka Awards

The podcast where we discuss the news of the week.

WrittenBy:NL Team

Hafta letters: Post-truth eras, political awakenings, electoral bonds

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Song:  Wake Up Now

00:05:20 - Headlines

00:17:02  - Electoral bonds

00:38:28 - Tamil Nadu, Bihar seat-sharing

00:53:15  - Adani sponsoring Ramnath Goenka Awards

01:13:55 - Letters

01:35:11 - Recommendations


HM Amit Shah cited wrong data to underplay BJP’s share of electoral bonds

7 firms that failed drug quality test gave money to political parties

Rs 45 cr in bonds by infra firm founded by BJP MP, a hydropower project, and curious case of U-turns

Sonam Wangchuk on Ladakh stir, failed talks with Centre

General Elections 2024 Fund



The costs of Reliance’s wildlife ambitions

The Assamese: A Portrait of a Community


Lawrence of Arabia

The Oxford Companion to Politics in India: Chapter - Politics and Business


Adani’s Dharavi redevelopment: New dreams or nightmare?

Shrinking of Mayawati

The curious case of Sosamma Iype and the Vechur cow


Project Electoral Bond

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Produced and recorded by Aryan Mahtta, edited by Hassan Bilal. 


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