Powertrip: Adani’s 4-hour Chennai pitstop, Congress CM aspirants in Kerala relieved

An exclusive scoop on Indian politics.

MK Stalin, Gautam Adani, and Armstrong.

A private jet landed in Chennai on Tuesday evening, from which Gautam Adani deboarded and went straight to Chittaranjan Salai, which is where Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin lives. What was the industrialist – who is famously close to Prime Minister Narendra Modi – doing in Chennai? Who did he meet and what did they discuss?

Meanwhile, Stalin has been facing criticism over the murder of Bahujan Samaj Party state president Armstrong. We’ve learnt that the DMK has deputed the CM’s son-in-law Sabareesan’s agency PEN to communicate with journalists in the state and keep the narrative from going against them big time. 

In Kerala, Congress politicians in the north of the state are busy with some voodoo stuff. Apparently the men who we expect to be rational leaders believe in black magic – and that their rivals can use some ragdolls and thingamabobs to cause physical ailments and political setbacks. We’re not sure if we’re amused, or, shocked.

And the film industry in Tamil Nadu is facing a crisis – the main culprits are the big male stars who demand hefty pay checks. How much do they charge and what are producers planning to do to change this? In this week’s Powertrip, exclusively curated for Newslaundry and The News Minute subscribers by Dhanya Rajendran, Shabbir Ahmed, Pooja Prasanna, and Nidheesh MK, we give you the inside scoop.

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