Get ready for more nationalism in your news

WrittenBy:NL Team
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After investing in Republic, Bharatiya Janata Party Member of Parliament Rajeev Chandrasekhar’s Asianet News Network is set to present us with another ‘nationalist’ news offering called, My Nation. The digital news channel will be based out of New Delhi and, as Newslaundry had reported in April, it will have Abhijit Majumder as its editor-in-chief. Majumder is former Mail Today managing editor and was earlier chosen by Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting for the position of chief editor, Prasar Bharati News Service. The Prasar Bharati Board had shot down the proposal.


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Coming back to My Nation, a little birdie tells us that the news operation will likely take on ‘sickular, Lefty-type’ media and put ‘national interest’ above everything else. A typical headline of a My Nation piece would go something like: ‘Stand up for the National Anthem or get kicked in your chin’. Just kidding, we have no idea what the news platform will sound or look like. What we can say with some certainty is that My Nation will launch on Independence Day, that is August 15. Jai Hind.

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