The Importance Of Being Alagiri

There’s boot-licking, there’s ass kissing and then there is this.

WrittenBy:Sunayana Singh
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And you thought that Karunanidhi’s family was having a tough year? You know with one family member having been in jail and all.  Perish the thought. The front page of the Coimbatore Chronicle (supplement of the Deccan Chronicle) on Monday, April 16, 2012 hailed the coming of age of the Karunanidhi family grand-daughter in-law, (DIL) Anusha Dhayanidhi, the pretty wife of Alagiri’s son. A detailed report informed the alert news reader that Anusha had a grand party in Chennai to launch her luxury event management company (whatever that means), with the blessings of her father in law (FIL). The article, which fills up most of the front page of the supplement and shares space with smaller items like ‘Chick Slick – Precious Freedom’ (with an arrow pointing to the bosom of some voluptuous sexy siren), goes on to extol Anusha’s party (not the DMK, we mean the “party” party, like “woo hoo, we’re having a blast, it’s a party!”, which could also be the DMK considering how the family runs it. But we mean the party, as in the event…like food, music, dress up, khao-piyo.) which blessed Chennai with never-before-seen hotshots and showstoppers (sexy and scantily-clad models and actresses).

One gets the distinct impression that the family owns the damn paper. But no! A quick search on google reveals that the owners of the paper are not part of the clan. (The owners of Coimbatore Chronicle are actually the owners of the Deccan Chargers – The Reddy family.) We are quite used to random parties being covered by page 3, as we are used to advertorials in leading channels and papers. What takes this article to another dimension of ass-kissing is that first, it’s on the front page, and second, the ‘journalist’ who covered the event didn’t even bother to tell us what exactly this company does! If it does anything at all. What is a luxury event management company? Do they manage luxury events? Do they manage events luxuriously? Who are their clients, what does it do? No clue.

All you see are two photos of Papa and Mama Alagiri, Beta and Beti -in-law Alagiri, and even a message from Papa to DIL. “We are going to do things that have never been done before in Chennai”, says Anusha. Bet they didn’t even have to pay for it. But that’s what the aam aadmi is there for, to pay for the newspaper.

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