Sanjay Rajoura is as liberal as it gets: -5 on our liberal-conservative scale

We asked India’s comics if they fancied their comedy as liberal or conservative. Here’s what they had to say.

ByMahima Singh
Sanjay Rajoura is as liberal as it gets: -5 on our liberal-conservative scale
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In a country like India, where taking offence is a national pastime, how political can the comic scene be? Is it okay to make jokes on politicians and their politics, or is everyone too scared of Jaya Bachchan?

We sent email questionnaires to India’s leading comics and satirist to get answers to these questions. We also asked them to rate themselves on our liberal-conservative scale.

Next on our series is Sanjay Rajoura.  He’s worked in the software industry for 10 years, which is probably why his take on the typical Indian software engineer is spot on and hilarious. Rajoura has gained praise for his stand-up act “Aisi Taisi Democracy” with Varun Grover and Rahul Ram, in which the three tear into how democracy is abused in India.   

  •  How political is comedy in India?

Comedy in India is mildly political and that too rarely. It’s sole intention is to derive laughter and not cause discomfort. I  would want comedy to be edgier, to ask more questions and be more anti-establishment. I don’t see this happening at the moment.

  • How important is it for comedy to be political?

It is very important. All comedy must be political. It should take on the unjust hoarders of power.

  • We know there is a large number of liberal comics (writers and performers) in India. But are there any conservative comics in the country? If yes, please name a few.

I would not like to take names here, but there are many who are conservative to the core and also use their power on stage to maintain status quo by misrepresenting ideas like caste and feminism.

  • Where would you place yourself on our liberal–conservative scale?

I’m liberal — as liberal as it gets. My answer would be -5.


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