Global Summits: Where are we going? – Episode – 6

The sixth episode of our 11-part series on the four major international development summits of the year.

ByBiraj Swain
Global Summits: Where are we going? – Episode – 6
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Development writer and international negotiations watcher Biraj Swain discusses with D Raghunandan from Delhi Science Forum, Vijeta Rattani, Senior Researcher at Centre for Science and Environment, Ben Phillips of ActionAid International and Nitin Sethi of Business Standard the Bonn Climate Talks, the upcoming climate summit, COP 21 at Paris, the developed countries’ role thus far, climate justice and inequality, India’s pitch and participation, and if Indian NGOs were aping European national positions? They also discuss if there is a disconnect between India’s global role vis-a-vis intra-country role. And they analyse the newly-released report, Capitan America, US’s Climate Goals: A reckoning and do some crystal ball gazing of the COP 21 outcomes.

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