Global Summits: Where are we going? – Episode -7: WTO Curtain Raiser

The seventh episode of our 11-part series on four major international development summits of the year.

ByBiraj Swain
Global Summits: Where are we going? – Episode -7: WTO Curtain Raiser
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Development writer and international-negotiations watcher Biraj Swain talks to Leena Meghaney of Medicines Sans Frontiers, Pradeep S Mehta of Consumer Unity Trust Society, political commentator and trade analyst Devinder Sharma and Professor Sachin Chaturvedi of Research and Information Systems for Developing countries of Ministry of External Affairs, government of India, about the upcoming 10th Ministerial of World Trade Orgnisation (WTO) at Nairobi, Kenya. They discuss the agenda on the table, do a status check on the Doha round of trade talks, the Bali Ministerial and India’s pitch and participation, especially the stake for Indian and developing countries’ farmers. They also discuss the secrecy around trade negotiations and the need for parliamentary oversight and sunshine, and conclude with some crystal-ball gazing on the expectations from Nairobi.

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