Chase Episode 2: Man of the Match – Inside the Bookie’s Den

The teaser for the second episode of Scoopwhoop and Newslaundry’s documentary series is here

ByNL Team
Chase Episode 2: Man of the Match – Inside the Bookie’s Den
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Everyone’s heard of match-fixing in cricket. The practice of losing or winning a match in exchange of a sum of money became a massive scandal and led to the downfall of cricketing heroes like Mohammad Azharuddin, Hansie Cronje, Ajay Jadeja and Saleem Malik. Much more recently, bookies and gambling found their way into the Indian Premier League. In 2013, with the arrests of Sreesanth, Ajit Chandila and Ankeet Chavan, a new angle was added with “spot fixing”, which unlike match fixing isn’t dependent upon the result of the match. Ever wondered exactly how it works and how bookies pull off stuff?

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