Chase episode 8: Love Jihad – Faisla On The Spot

Head over to Saharanpur, where Junior Bhagat Singh has taken it upon himself to fight Love Jihad

ByNL Team
Chase episode 8: Love Jihad – Faisla On The Spot
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About 70 kilometres north of Muzaffarnagar lies the town of Saharanpur. It’s home to, among other people, Junior Bhagat Singh, aka Vijaykant Chauhan. He’s the man who claims to have first unearthed the concept of love jihad, and he’s committed to fighting it. (He’s also a gau rakshak, just FYI.)

But what is this love jihad? Allegedly, Muslim boys and men target young girls belonging to non-Muslim (read: Hindu) communities and feign love for them, with the express purpose of converting them to Islam.

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