How important is privacy for you?

How important is privacy for you?

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By NL Team

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Let’s Talk About… has gone behind the paywall, but because we love our listeners, here’s a sneak peak into the latest episode. Here’s Let’s Talk About: Privacy.

Privacy — is it a personal or a policy issue? The dictionary defines privacy as a state in which one is free of attention and today, that state is harder and harder to achieve. Our privacy is often being invaded without us even realising it and many shrug at this fate. “What do I have to hide?” is the standard response to privacy being lost but the real question is “Why is your privacy so precious to others?” With the data collected by the Unique Identity project, aka Aadhaar, surfacing in unexpected, unauthorised places, you must know what your rights are and how the government helps you uphold them (or not). In this episode of Let’s Talk About, Meghnad S, a public policy nerd and compulsive Lok Sabha TV watcher, speaks to lawyers, journalists, researchers, and businessmen to figure out what privacy is in the digital age and whether Aadhaar really is the way forward.

Listen to the full episode here.