Urgent announcement pertaining to the Fair Observer piece on Arundhati Roy republished on Newslaundry

We have pulled down the story since it was based on a fake quote.

WrittenBy:NL Team
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It has come to our notice that the Fair Observer piece, headlined “Arundhati Roy, Please Do Not Support Pakistan’s Jihad in Kashmir”, which Newslaundry republished on May 22, was based on a fake quote attributed to Arundhati Roy. Fair Observer is one of our content partners based in the United States and we have asked them to look into the veracity of the quote cited by the author of the piece. Meanwhile, Ms Roy has informed Newslaundry that she never made the statements that were attributed to her. We have, therefore, pulled down the story.


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Update: Fair Observer has confirmed that the quote in the story is not from a credible source and has apologised to Ms Roy and its readers.

To make up for our oversight, Newslaundry tracked the origin of the fake news. You can read the story here.

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