Consti-tuition S02E01: Free Speech

Meghnad takes you through the basics of Indian democracy. Do not miss if civics put you to sleep in school.

ByNL Team
Consti-tuition S02E01: Free Speech
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What is free speech? Why is it important? What does our Constitution say about your Right to Freedom of Expression? Our Right to Free Speech comes with some restrictions and these restrictions, more often than not, are misused by the powers that be. In this episode of Consti-tuition, Meghnad delves into this fundamental right of ours and talks about why we must protect it—for our own collective good.

After you watch the episode, don’t forget to do the homework! It’s a tuition class after all, even if you get it for free. Tell us whether you think our Right to Free Speech is being misused and how. Also, do think about this very fundamental question: should the Right to Free Speech be absolute or should it come with some restrictions?

Tweet to us (@newslaundry) or tweet to Meghnad (@memeghnad) and let us know what you think!

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