Hafta 245: Mohan Bhagwat on lynching, Modi-Xi meet, the state of journalism, and more

Hafta 245: Mohan Bhagwat on lynching, Modi-Xi meet, the state of journalism, and more

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Hafta is back! The gang reunites with host Abhinandan Sekhri along with Manisha Pande, Madhu Trehan and Anand Vardhan. Joining us this week is the newest addition to the Newslaundry team, Mehraj D Lone.  

This week’s podcast begins with the panel discussing Mohan Bhagwat’s recent speech at a Vijayadashami function. They scrutinise his comments on lynching being a “Western construct” while trying to come up with a Hindi word for “lynching”. Mehraj questions the accuracy of Bhagwat’s claims that lynching is a subject in all other religious texts except Hinduism.

The conversation shifts to the big news of the week: the murder of an RSS worker and his family in West Bengal, the serial murders by a Kerala woman, and the Modi-Xi meet in Tamil Nadu. Madhu has a lot to say about the state of present-day journalism. She says, “Journalism is going behind the incident and finding out what really happened.” Abhinandan argues that journalism can be “positive or negative”. But, he adds, it has to be unexpected. The panel discusses the paradigm shift in journalism and the significance of present-day reporting.

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