Republic TV misreports: Calls gunman a 'Jamia protester', blames Arvind Kejriwal for violence

'In the name of CAA...guns are being brandished in broad daylight.'

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A few hours ago, a gunman shot a student of Jamia Millia Islamia University in Delhi, after brandishing a pistol at a group of students on the road outside the university. The students were leading a protest march against the Citizenship Amendment Act and the National Register of Citizens.

The Delhi police identified the gunman as Ram Bhagat Gopal Sharma. He allegedly shouted, "Yeh lo Azadi. Hindustan zindabad. Delhi police zindabad.” Here is your Azadi. Hail India. Hail Delhi police.

Even as reports and videos flew thick and fast on social media, Republic TV led with the news that a "Jamia protester" had turned "violent".


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A screenshot of Republic's claim soon did the rounds too.

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Aishwarya Kapoor, the channel's political editor, said: "In the name of CAA...guns are being brandished in broad daylight on the streets of the national capital. Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal have supported it."

When Kapoor said, "This should not be allowed", Republic's reporter chimed in over the telephone: "That is exactly the point...They have no remorse."

At this point, the ticker on the bottom of the screen read "Jamia protesters use guns".

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Kapoor was relentless. "Is Delhi not under threat...In the name of anti-CAA, this is happening."

Republic later said their crew was "heckled" at the university.

Its subsequent reporting did not state that the gunman was from Jamia. This Facebook profile, which reportedly belongs to the gunman, has several posts on his intentions to fire at Jamia students.

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