'Malicious, biased, knowingly incorrect reporting': Jamia's alumni association sends legal notice to Republic TV

The notice cited Republic's coverage of the Jamia shooting. The channel initially claimed the shooter was a 'Jamia protester'.

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'Malicious, biased, knowingly incorrect reporting': Jamia's alumni association sends legal notice to Republic TV
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The alumni association of Jamia Millia Islamia University sent a legal notice to Republic TV, Arnab Goswami, and Republic's political editor Aishwarya Kapoor for "continuously indulging in malicious, biased, knowingly incorrect and provocative reporting".

It was also sent to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, and the News Broadcasters Association. It asked that Republic "immediately cease and desist from wrongfully maligning, defaming and misreporting events...with the intent to provoke and break public peace".

The notice cited the channel's coverage of the shooting at Jamia on January 30 which injured one student. As reported by Newslaundry, Republic initially reported that the shooter was a "Jamia protester" who turned "violent".

The notice asked for a "publicly broadcasted apology with regard to defamatory and completely false news", blaming the channel for "deliberately misreporting and sensationalising an incident of shooting near...campus".

Screenshots from Republic's January 30 broadcast was included, along with a transcript of Aishwarya Kapoor's conversation with a reporter at the time. Kapoor had indicated that the shooter was an anti-CAA protester, the notice pointed out.

The I&B ministry is "duty bound to regulate and monitor the content...and to take actions against the violators", the notice added. It asked that the ministry and the News Broadcasters Association take action so Republic, Goswami and Kapoor "do not indulge in any such broadcast which would compromise the genre of television news content that is malicious, regressive, knowing inaccurate, hurtful, misleading, or aimed at wilfully concealing of interest".

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