How caste plays out in India’s newsrooms

Indian media has little space for marginalised groups and their voices.

ByNL Team
How caste plays out in India’s newsrooms
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Did you know that three out of four anchors of flagship TV news debates are upper caste? That not one is Dalit, Adivasi, or OBC?

That merely 10 out of the 972 articles featured on the covers of a dozen magazines that we studied are about issues related to caste?

That no more than five percent of all articles published in the country’s six largest English newspapers are written by Dalits and Adivasis?

These are some of the shocking findings contained in the report Who Tells Our Stories Matters: Representation of Marginalised Caste Groups in Indian Newsrooms, which was published last year by The Media Rumble in association with Oxfam India.

In this video, we explain how Indian newsrooms continue to be dominated by upper caste Hindus.



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