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'First steps to take holy land of Ram, Krishna to highest glory': Indian Express, TOI, HT print articles by Adityanath

The occasion was three years since Adityanath became chief minister of Uttar Pradesh.

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On the occasion of Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath completing three years in office, three newspapers printed a catalogue of his government's achievements in the form of articles written by Adityanath himself.

Indian Express, Hindustan Times, and The Times of India all handed column space to the BJP chief minister on their pages.

The three pieces were different, but stuck to the same theme. The government's achievements, as described, included allegedly dealing with agrarian distress, "no violence" during the abrogation of Article 370, and improved health services.

"This is just a beginning. These are the first steps to take the holy land of Prabhu Shri Ram and Lord Shri Krishna to the highest glory with the inspiration of the prime minister," Adityanath wrote in Express.

The Lucknow edition of The Times of India devoted an entire page to Adityanath's piece.

"These past years were a mixed bag, wherein expectations fuelled by aspirations put forth numerous challenges before the UP government...From illegal mining to illegal slaughterhouses, the challenge was to save both the state and nature," Adityanath wrote.

The piece in Hindustan Times went pretty much the same way: "In opposition to the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, some anti-social elements unsuccessfully tried to disturb the peace, but they failed. After identifying the miscreants, the damages done to public property were recovered from them — an effort which has gained support across the country."

Additionally, Adityanath also wrote a piece on similar lines in right-wing blog OpIndia. This isn't surprising though, OpIndia is well known for being a staunch member of the Hindu nationalist camp.

In this case, OpIndia decided to run advertisements for the UP government along with the piece.

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