NL vs NL Ep 3: Should India's sedition law be scrapped?

A timed debate where two people battle it out with their wits and arguments on their chosen subject. Let's make debates great again!

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NL vs NL Ep 3: Should India's sedition law be scrapped?
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Tired of loud frothy-mouth, potty-mouth debates on primetime TV? Tired of sad character-limited fights on Twitter where you don't really learn anything?

We have something that might excite you. Newslaundry presents a new podcast: NL vs NL. Let's make debates great again!

In this episode, Prateek Goyal and Meghnad S debate whether the sedition law in India should be repealed. Meghnad says it should be scrapped, but Prateek says it's still applicable in certain situations. Listen and tell us who you agree with or disagree with, and why.

Write to us at, or tweet to Prateek and Meghnad.

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