The Awful and Awesome Entertainment Wrap Ep 163: Untouchable, Betaal, and more

The Awful and Awesome Entertainment Wrap Ep 163: Untouchable, Betaal, and more

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Talking about Betaal:

Abhinandan: Rajyasree, you know you should not take this lightly. When your co-host is motivated after he has been ridiculed by his audience who said I haven’t watched anything, the next week he goes back and watches a film, a series, two ads. He does his homework, he comes and does a great show.

Rajyasree: I was very impressed!

Abhinandan: And then his horrible co-host — who should just jump off a building and fall on concrete — tells him to watch such films. Do you know how demotivated I get? Why should I watch anything? You wasted two hours, you know how busy I am?

Rajyasree: You saw only one episode, I watched two episodes.

Abhinandan: Dude, I watched all four. I can tell you what the end scene is. Do you know what the end scene is?

Rajyasree: Everyone just shoots their brains out because they can't believe they have to do this?

Rajyasree and Abhinandan burst out laughing.

This and a whole lot of other stuff awful and awesome as Abhinandan Sekhri and Rajyasree Sen discuss the film Ghoomketu; documentary film Untouchable; Netflix series Snowpiercer, Evil Genius, and Betaal; Madhuri Dixit’s debut single Candle; Salman Khan’s sanitiser brand; and the new Nike commercial.

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Mann ye Bawara

Salman Khan’s sanitiser brand, FRSH

Madhuri Dixit’s Candle

Evil Genius



Nike ad: “Never Too Far Down”

Recorded and produced by Jude Weston, edited by Samarendra K Dash.

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