Times Group ceases publication of Pune Mirror, Mumbai Mirror to 'relaunch' as a weekly

An official statement made no mention of what will happen to the publications' employees, while thanking them for their 'hard work and great effort'.

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Times Group ceases publication of Pune Mirror, Mumbai Mirror to 'relaunch' as a weekly
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As 2020 draws to a close, the latest casualty in the rampant layoffs and closures in the print media is Mumbai Mirror and Pune Mirror.

In a statement, the Times Group said it's ceasing the publication of Pune Mirror. Mumbai Mirror will be relaunched as a weekly.

There was no mention of Ahmedabad Mirror or Bangalore Mirror, or the status of the publications' numerous employees, though the statement said it "truly valued" the contribution of the staff, and thanked them for their "hard work and great effort".

The statement said that this "extremely difficult and painful decision to recalibrate our portfolio of publications" was made "following months of discussions and deliberations".

"Sadly, just as the pandemic, lockdown and unprecedented economic crisis have laid low many great ideas and initiatives before they could fully take root, they came as a body blow for the still-young brand," said the statement, referring to Mumbai Mirror's 15-year history. "Not only has the newspaper industry been among the hardest-hit in terms of revenues, it has been weighed down by an import duty that has added to newsprint costs."

It continued: "With the long-held hope of a stimulus not materializing and the Indian economy now officially in recession, it is with a heavy heart that the group has decided to cease publication of Mirror in Pune and relaunch Mumbai Mirror as a weekly."

The statement added that both brands will continue to have a "strong digital presence".

Several people mourned the news on Twitter.

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