Explained: Why farmers don’t trust Modi government’s word on farm laws

Isn’t the government only trying to help them?

WrittenBy:NL Team
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Why are farmers worried about MSP, or minimum support price, not being written into the new farm laws when it never had legal backing? Aren’t middlemen exploiting farmers? And if they are removed through the new laws, as the Narendra Modi government claims they will be, is that not good? Aren’t private companies in a better position to offer a higher price for a farmer’s produce than APMCs? Basically, why are the protesting farmers angry? After all, isn’t the government only trying to help them?

These are all seemingly simple questions with complicated answers. After spending two weeks speaking to the protesting farmers at the Singhu border, the focal point of the ongoing protests, Nidhi Suresh attempts to understand the anger, emotions and nuances driving the demands of the farmers.


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