Kangana Ranaut ‘explodes’ and ‘slams’ on our news feed. Yet again

Why do Indian media outlets routinely amplify dangerous conspiracy theories? It’s good for business.

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Kangana Ranaut ‘explodes’ and ‘slams’ on our news feed. Yet again
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Much to the chagrin of Indian Twitter anti-farmer lobby (channelling our inner Times Now), Rihanna has spoken.

The tweet was enough for Twitter trolls to let loose on the American singer with some bringing up disturbing images of domestic abuse she had suffered as a comeback. (Each day is a new low for establishment lackeys on Twitter.)

Not to be left behind, actor Kangana Ranaut stepped in to do what she does best – vomit out a volley of disjointed sentences that have zero connection to anything actually happening in the real world. We wouldn’t like to link to her tweet out of sheer consideration for your senses but for those of you who are curious, she essentially called protesting farmers terrorists working at the behest of the Chinese. Ranaut tweeting out madcap conspiracy theories comes as no surprise. What beats us is the media’s persistence in amplifying her statements.

So, we had NDTV telling us how Ranaut ‘slammed’ Rihanna.

NDTV later exchanged the word ‘slam’ to ‘attack’. But that’s not the problem, you fool! The problem is giving space to complete bunkum utterances on a news website.

Republic TV, of course, took it up a notch.

“Explodes” sounds about right for a massive star turning into a black hole of misinformation. The supernova moment could have very well been Ranaut’s last interview on Republic TV.

There isn’t a media house that hasn’t amplified Ranaut’s tweets with headlines stressing how she thinks Rihanna is foolish.

This farce will continue so long as media outlets are dependent on advertisements to get which they need to generate clicks for their websites with non-stories. If you want actual news on the farmers’ movement, follow the Newslaundry Twitter handle, or log on to our website for reports from the ground.

Newslaundry does not depend on advertisements, what keeps us going is subscriptions from news consumers who care for real news and critique of news media. Do your bit and subscribe to Newslaundry if you don’t want Ranaut exploding and slamming on your news feed.

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