NL Interview: Israeli journalist on how Indian media used his work to discredit Pegasus Project

The usual suspects twisted Omer Kabir’s report on an Amnesty statement to dismiss the Pegasus snooping revelations.

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Omer Kabir is a climate crisis and tech reporter at Calcalist, an Israeli news platform. He’s been reporting on the NSO Group, the infamous Israeli company behind the Pegasus spyware, for the last five years. It was Omer’s report on a statement released by Amnesty International – a non-profit which helped with the forensic analysis of phones infected with Pegasus – that formed the basis of the chaos that was #AmnestyDeniesPegasus in India.

In this conversation with Nidhi Suresh and Supriti David, Omer talks about his interaction with sections of India’s media in the last few days. He says he felt that some TV news channels were asking leading questions to try and get him to undermine the coverage of the Pegasus snooping scandal by a global consortium of news outlets including India’s Wire.

Omer explains how the NSO Group operates and obtains clients, and how its spyware works. He also opines on why it’s important to know where the Pegasus Project’s list of targets and potential targets came from.



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