Covid webinar: How do we prepare for the third Covid wave?

An interactive session with Dr K Viswanath of Harvard TH School of Public Health.

WrittenBy:NL Team
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Dr K Viswanath, professor of health communication at Harvard University, talks about misinformation around coronavirus, the dangers of not compiling reliable data, and how we can prepare for the inevitable third wave of the pandemic.

“This is not going anywhere anytime soon,” he says, referring to the pandemic, and urges the public to take precautions, governments to promote public health mitigation, and hospitals to prepare for potential surges. He emphasizes that while the spread of the infection is inevitable, it’s in our hands to minimise its effects.

Addressing the problem of unequal access to vaccines, treatment and resources to tide over the crisis, he says “political willingness” and preparedness to do more is the only way to rectify it.


Text by Ruchi Shahagadkar.


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