In conversation with subscribers: Nidhi Suresh on one year of the Hathras case

Nidhi interacted with subscribers on Newslaundry’s Discord server.

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It’s been one year since the gangrape and subsequent death of a 19-year-old Dalit woman in Uttar Pradesh’s Hathras. On September 30, Newslaundry’s Nidhi Suresh interacted with subscribers on Newslaundry’s Discord server to detail her experience in reporting on the Hathras case.

When asked what impact the story had on her, she said, “A lot has changed for me, personally as well as professionally...Reporting on this case has really made me wonder what we consider as news and what we don’t.”

Pointing out that the case was not just about rape but also about caste issues, she said, “We really need to be making more space for people of different communities to come and start reporting. That’s the only way we can talk more about it.”


Newslaundry also has a new Sena project, titled “Hathras: A Documentary”, which will cover the case and its aftermath. Contribute to the project here.

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