NL Playoffs Ep 8: Unpacking India’s sports ecosystem with Amit Varma

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NL Playoffs Ep 8: Unpacking India’s sports ecosystem with Amit Varma
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In this episode of NL Playoffs, hosts and Newslaundry subscribers Aniketh and Gowtham are joined by podcaster and writer Amit Varma.

They talk about India’s sports ecosystem, what it’s like to report on a sport from the ground, how mindsets can affect performance, the “monopsony” in Indian sports, and a lot more.

Tune in!


00:00 - Introduction

03:22 - India’s sports ecosystem

11:21 - Player profiling

23:39 - Reporting on sports

35:58 - Sportspeople and their mindsets

41:36 - Sports culture, how it compares to politics

56:33 - Dropout rate in sports in India

1:10:28 - Questions from Newslaundry

1:23:57 - Monopsony in Indian sports

1:29:11 - Recommendations



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Produced by Jude Weston and Brien Benny, edited by Samarendra K Dash.


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