NL Interview: Dhirendra K Jha on his book 'Gandhi's Assassin', RSS, Brahmanical hegemony

NL Interview: Dhirendra K Jha on his book 'Gandhi's Assassin', RSS, Brahmanical hegemony

‘Those who were supporting RSS, they idolised Godse all these years…now they are getting protection from the ruling establishment’

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Dhirendra Kumar Jha, a Delhi-based journalist and contributing writer for the Caravan, has worked with publications such as the Telegraph, Pioneer and Scroll. In this interview with Ayush Tiwari, he discusses his new book﹘Gandhi’s Assassin: The Making of Nathuram Godse and his Idea of India.

Jha talks about how Godse’s upbringing and his interrogation statement provides us with new information about him. He looks at his association with the RSS and the evolution of the Hindu nationalist movement.

“Despite the fact that many of the leaders like Modi and Shivraj Singh Chouhan are from OBC categories, the kind of culture they promote is basically Brahmanical.”


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