Back in Time, Ep 5: Shashanka Ghosh on building Channel V

Back in Time, Ep 5: Shashanka Ghosh on building Channel V

Diving into independent India’s sociopolitical, cultural and economic history with Kunal Kamra.

ByNL Team
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Kunal Kamra sits down with Shashanka Ghosh, director and former creative head of Channel V.

“Channel V was the cool guy around,” Shashanka says, “and saying ‘ye dekh, ye dekh’ from around the world.”

They talk about what made the channel relatable to urban Indian youth, organisational challenges in an age of analog, and how fun it was to create homegrown content that wasn’t an imitation of the west. Shashanka describes the process of creating popular Channel V characters like Lola Kutty and Simpu Singh, and his transition from the small screen to the big screen.


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