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NL Interview: Former Bihar police chief on political pressure and setting up Super 30 academy

‘Super 30 was never meant to be a commercial venture,’ says Abhyanand.

WrittenBy:NL Team
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Abhayanand is a former chief of the Bihar police and an educationist who helped found Super 30, a coaching academy to help particularly poor students to crack the IIT JEE exam. He explores his life, career, and work in his autobiography Unbounded: My Experiments with Law, Physics, Policing and Super 30.   

In this interview, Abhayanand talks to Newslaundry’s Anand Vardhan about his book, his work as a policeman and as an educationist. 

Talking about the pressures that politicians bring to bear on the police, he remarks, “If the IPS officer or even a constable has the people's confidence of the area he serves, there’s no power in this earth which can touch him.” 

He also talks about the drive behind setting up Super 30 and why he ended up quitting it. 


Text by Hardik Dogra

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