Hafta letters: Nitish’s remarks, Palestine protests, Sena funds

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A quote from one of the letters: 'Why can't NL fund reporters' travel?'


This letter is about Nitish Kumar’s crude language in the assembly hall. It’s very hypocritical of BJP and the media to call him out but keep mum about Ramesh Bidhuri calling Danish Ali “terrorist”. Instead of punishment, he got a promotion.

Anand said Nitish Kumar, as candidate for the PM’s post, said sorry as he had to maintain his image. But our PM had called Sonia Gandhi a jersey cow and no one said anything about it. I think a prime minister is seen as capable of only an election rally today.



This week, I attended a demonstration in solidarity with the Palestinians. Our march took us from Khan Market station to the Israeli Embassy, but upon our arrival, the police swiftly began detaining the participating students. We had barely engaged in our protest for 15 minutes when they escorted us to Jaffarpur Police station, a considerable 35 to 40 kilometres from New Delhi.

It raises questions as to why the government detains pro-Palestine protesters, especially when it extends aid to Palestine.

Additionally, the practice of dropping us so far from Central Delhi makes the return journey home exceptionally challenging. Such circumstances might deter individuals from participating in future protests, even though the right to protest is fundamental. It’s worth noting that the BJP used to be quite active in protesting when they were not in power.

Noaman Khan


Kya hoga Dhanya ka! Going head to head with Abhinandan over South India, I imagine Abhinandan saying balle balle every five minutes and Dhanya rolling her eyes constantly.

On the Palestine conflict, I think the 90-minute conversation between  Bassem Yousuf and Piers Morgan was great. 

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I enjoy listening to both Hafta and Charcha. In Episode 457, Abhinandan sought funds for the NL-TNM election coverage, and then in the next breath detailed his visit abroad. If NL has funds for CEOs to travel abroad, why can’t it fund the travel of its reporters.

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