‘Woman pouncing on everyone’: Kannada channel follows and films women on new year’s eve

Despite requests not to be filmed, cameras followed women as they left pubs in Bengaluru.

WrittenBy:Shivani Kava
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“The woman is pouncing on everyone”. “Drunken girl’s whims”. “Drunk woman creates ruckus in Koramangala”. “Woman not even in the condition to walk”. “Girls swaying in the middle of the road.” 

These are not social media comments by incels but captions to YouTube videos by NewsFirst Kannada after its cameras zoomed in on women’s outfits, faces, and bodies outside pubs in Bengaluru on new year’s eve.

Despite visible discomfort and requests to not be filmed, the Kannada news channel’s cameras continued to follow women as they left pubs. The channel’s coverage also included footage of a woman being helped into an auto rickshaw while she was drunk. “Look at the woman in auto falling on anyone in sight,” read the thumbnail.

Another woman reportedly faced molestation, and NewsFirst Kannada’s video showed the woman’s friend assaulting the alleged molester. The channel sensationalised the incident with captions such as “lover beats up man for molesting ‘his’ woman” and “molester gets free beatings by lover”. 

Several other news channels such as Public TV and Zee Kannada News ran content with nearly similar visuals. The thumbnails and titles of these videos were equally misogynistic. In a video published by Public TV, the thumbnail read, “Drunk woman passed out on the road,” “Woman full tight male-friends full tired,” and “Drunk woman loses consciousness on the road”.

The comment boxes under all these videos were promptly filled with inappropriate takes on the women’s attire, “insinuating and inviting lewd behavior”. 

DCP South East CK Baba said the police will probe the matter if anyone files a complaint. Meanwhile, NewsFirst Kannada has deleted some of the videos from YouTube.

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