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NL Interview: Bhumi Pednekar on Bhakshak and the power of journalism

The actor speaks about leaving a legacy of art that is relevant for ages.

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Bhakshak, a film based on a true story streaming on Netflix and featuring actor Bhumi Pednekar, is the story of a local journalist’s investigation into harrowing cases of sexual assault of young girls at a shelter home. In this conversation with Newslaundry’s Basant Kumar, Pednekar talks about truth, society, making relevant films, and the power of independent journalism.

Pednekar says, “We are not interested in digging into the truth of people’s lives, because truth makes people uncomfortable… Will you be able to live peacefully despite knowing that you are a part of a society that is wronging young girls? If you are able to do it, you have become shunya [zero].”   

The crime of sexual offence has become rampant, says the actor, which made it “important for her to do this film”. 

She talks about the shift in Indian society, and how people are more “disconnected from basic human emotions”. The actor also speaks about leaving a legacy of art that is relevant for ages and that does not contribute to the problems of the society.  


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