‘Fistfight’ at DD News studio after JNU students in audience call anchor ‘BJP spokesperson’

Shrivastava allegedly assaulted and detained student guests during his show Do Tuk after being interrupted.

WrittenBy:Avdhesh Kumar
Anchor Ashok Shrivastava

On February 23, DD News primetime show Do Tuk’s special programme on “Brand Modi” turned into an episode of fistfights – with anchor Ashok Shrivastava reportedly exchanging blows with JNU students in the audience.  

The bout was triggered by Shrivastava’s comments on the farmers’ protests and students’ subsequent allegations that the anchor was “talking like a BJP spokesperson”. It mostly involved JNU students affiliated with the National Student Union of India, the Congress’s student wing. 

The police was summoned. Shrivastava went on to file a police complaint, claiming the ruckus was “provoked” and “planned”. He told Newslaundry the episode’s recording was resumed later. 

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