NL Session With Sena – Episode 01
NL Sena

NL Session With Sena – Episode 01

Listen in on our first Session with Sena in which our reporters field queries from NL Sena contributors

By NL Team

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Have you read the NL Sena stories? Now find out what went into writing these stories.

Last year, we started the NL Sena initiative, where you, our readers and subscribers, help us to do stories that are important, expensive and deserve to be told. The first NL Sena project was titled The Curious Case of the Bellary Brothers, and was born out of our curiosity to know more about the secrets that lurked in the suicide note that a Karnataka bureaucrat’s driver left behind. That story led us to Bellary, where we found new players had entered the mining arena.

In Session with Sena, those who made these stories possible with their generous contributions interact with Shruti Menon and Kshitij Malhotra, the two reporters who wrote this set of stories. They have questions and critique for Menon and Malhotra.

Newslaundry would like to thank all NL Sena contributors for their support, which helped us publish five ground reports from Bengaluru and Bellary. Also, those who missed out on contributing last time (or couldn’t be bothered!), we hope our efforts will persuade you to fund our two new projects and help keep news unafraid and independent.